My weight loss journey part 3

January 13, 2020

My weight loss journey continued… Up to this point I have covered my overweight issue, the motivating factor, how I started and how I have gotten through the first few years. As a result I started down a much more healthy path of eating. I will continue with year 2 of my journey up to the present. Hope you enjoy it.

I started my second year of this transition with such energy and a renewed joy of eating. Which caused my food choices to become much simpler. In turn made shopping so much simpler also. I was able to just look at labels and be able to tell if it should be something I should be eating or not. Doing the math in my head to get the net carbs of the item I was deciding to buy. I enjoyed the freedom this gave me to experiment with new foods.

At this point I started doing my intermittent fasting part of the journey. This followed the bulletproof keto chart. This chart is a great roadmap to help map out the options you have and the style of eating habits you want to do. It shows you when you should consume what types of foods during what times of the day to help you map out you schedule for each day. Whether you are intermittent fasting or just doing the straight up keto lifestyle. This chart also have each category of foods and rate them from Green to Red. Green being the ones you can eat as much as you want and red being the ones you should avoid, but not the end of the world if you eat them sparingly.

Bulletproof Diet Roadmap

At this point I was having my bulletproof coffee ever morning and then a nice lunch. Which included either a salad, a soup or a meal I had prepped the day before. For supper I usually had something light and never after 8pm. I was basically eating within an 8 hour window everyday and then not eating anything for 16 hours of the day. Even eating like this I never felt like I was missing anything though. The feeling of being full and satisfied all the time was becoming normal. The reason for this was the foods I was eating had the right amount of fats and proteins. This created a sustainable energy source for all day and also kept me full much longer.

People started noticing the changes in my appearance. I think it was my face that people noticed first and most often. It wasn’t to long though that people started to also notice the rest of the changes in my body. As I stated before I had went down 2-3 shirt sizes and 2-3 pants sizes. This sparked my motivation to clean out my closet and start looking at new clothes. All of this weight loss got me out buying new clothes and feeling really good about myself.

Starting year 3 of my journey was great. I started buying new clothes, had a good feeling of what foods I enjoyed and even discovering many new ones. I have found that there are many new companies out there now that have keto friendly foods on the market. Such as Quest, Miracle Noodles, G Hughes, and many others. Quest makes pizzas, chips, protein bars, etc each of these I have tried and have enjoyed them very much. The Quest pizzas are the best of all of the things I have tried of theirs. Their protein bars are good also, but their cookies are what I enjoy the most out of this line of snacks/bars. G Hughes sauces are great, most of my friends and family can’t tell they are sugar free. I have used their Original BBQ, Hickory BBQ, and Honey BBQ. Also have used their Honey Mustard, Lemon Herb and Teriyaki marinades. Miracle Noodles offer many different types of noodles, rice and many other types of products.

As I approach the end of my 3rd year and start my 4th year I have had my ups and downs with this journey. At times I have fallen off and eaten things that I shouldn’t have and I felt it the next day. As with anything though we fall off, we just get back on and fight our way back on track. I can say that I am proud of myself and where I am today. I am now approaching 100 lbs down from my starting 335 lbs. Currently I am up about 7 lbs from the holidays but I am getting back on track. I will get myself back down to the 245 I was before the holidays and I will get moving toward the 220-230 I am shooting for.

I hope this little blog can help some of you on your journey to find what works for you. Not everything works for everyone because we all are different but in the end it is important we find what works for us and work towards a goal. For me this works and my goal is to get below 230 lbs, which I have not been since before my kids were born.

I will continue to update you all on my journey over the next few years. The struggles and honest feelings I have throughout this path I go down. Nothing worth it is easy. So keep fighting through it and you will always be better for it. You never fail if you get back up and continue where you fell off. So keep working at it and you will see the results you want as you go. One thing that was told to me as I started this was this, its not the number on the scale that truly matters, its how you feel physically and how your clothes are fitting differently.

Thank you for reading this and hope you find your road to go down. It will be worth it. Until next time, don’t be stereotypical, be unique, be yourself because damn it people like you for you.