My weight loss journey continued

January 05, 2020

My last post had me talking about my start of the weight loss that I desperately needed for health reasons and just for a better quality of life overall. I had ended with telling you that I had lost 40 lbs in my first 3-4 months. The rest of my journey continues….

After that first 3-4 months and a great turn around of my overall health, I was excited for the changes that I have experienced and couldn’t wait to see what else I could accomplish.

The next few months came with experimenting with different foods and recipes to try and expand my menu. Up to this point I had been keeping it pretty simple and just not doing anything to complex. At this point though I had found that I needed to still find ways to enjoy some of the foods I had not been able to enjoy before. Such as pizza, pasta and bread. I started making pizza crust from almond flour and coconut flour. This also was a good substitute for bread also. Its not perfect but it is pretty good.

I have some posts in my recipes for pizza crust and other good keto friendly foods. I also review my pasta replacement, Miracle Noodles, which is low calorie, low to no carb, grain free, gluten free, and good for those diabetics because it is blood sugar friendly. They are made from the konjac plant.

Well, as the next few months went I began to hit my stride, I had no cravings and continued to drop weight about 2-5 lbs every 2ish weeks. This all still with little to no increase in my physical activity, outside of maybe doing about 1-2 miles of walking a day. I was sleeping much better and all but completely stopped snoring. I struggled at times with counting my carbs, but found a good system that helped me get through that. I just started limiting myself to making sure anything I ate had less than 10 net carbs as much as possible. Reading labels and following recipes from Diet Doctor and The Keto Dad helped me get this to become second nature.

I found myself eating much better overall even if I went out to eat, I was unconsciously eating better and making better choices. I would ask for no bun if I was having a burger with extra lettuce. No BBQ sauce, or sauce on the side. Eating more green veggies over fries.

At this point I was now 50-60 lbs down and almost a year into my journey. My weight loss had slowed down but it has become slow and steady with a pretty consistent loss of about 4-5 lbs a month. I felt much better, had better mental clarity and could focus much more and had no mid-day crash. I had all the energy I needed to last all day long.

Now that I was over the 1 year mark and feeling great I started to build my website to share my recipes, but also about the same time I bought my first smoker. I was making my own sauces, dry rubs to be keto friendly, low to no sugar. Instead of using regular sugar I was using coconut sugar (Palm Sugar) and Swerve sweetener. But I found that over time things just naturally tasted sweet with little to no sugar.

I now use G Hughes sauces website or G Hughes facebook page like their Honey Mustard, Ketchup, BBQ sauces, Teriyaki sauce and others. They are a great low carb, no sugar option. There are many sauces out there now that cater to low carb eating styles.

Fast forward to year 2 and I was over 80lbs down and loving what I was doing. The foods I was making were full of flavor and fulfilling. Even my friends and family that were not eating this way enjoyed what I made and many times couldn’t tell it was low carb/no sugar.

I am doing the intermittent fasting by leveraging the bulletproof coffee method. Which had me drinking a coffee every morning that was made with the MTC oils, avacado, coconut sugar, and heavy whipping cream. This would keep me full and with plenty of energy to last until about 1pm in the afternoon to eat lunch. Then I would eat a mild dinner and not eat after 8pm. This would boost my fat burning and not be hungry all night.

My life and health were getting much better and I was even down 2 pants sizes and down 2-3 shirt sizes. I went from a 42 waist to a 38 waist in pants and from a 2-3XL shirts to just an XL.

To be continued, we will discuss my 2-3 year of this lifestyle and where I am today with my weight loss….